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December 2003

A 2 Z 4 Ducks(sm)

Take one of our virtual tours of
Chincoteague NWR, Virginia
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Test your skill identifying
the tail-end of dabblers:

Whose Bottom's Up?

Duck Guide

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Content from The Virtual Birder®
Birding Break(sm)
Brief simulated birding tours for an overview of North American birding hot spots.

Map & Directory of Breaks

Featured Breaks:
Chincoteague NWR, Virginia
Shorebirds @ North Monomoy

Photo galleries on a variety of topics featuring photos from some of North America's best nature photographers.

Gallery Directory

Featured Galleries:
Waterfowl (Dabblers)

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes
Random prize drawings for great birding prizes and services.

Current Prizes:

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Background articles, information pieces, and interactive activities on a variety of topics.

Backgrounder Directory

Featured Backgrounders:
Chincoteague NWR
Cape Cod Shorebirding

Web archives of regional and topic-focused mailing lists.

List Directory

Featured Lists:

Real Birds(sm)
Rare Bird Alert (RBA) transcripts and regional info for North American states and provinces.

States & Provinces

Featured States/Provinces:

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